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All table tops have a 1-1/8” composite wood core, M2 industrial grade. Top surface is covered with 1/16” high pressured laminated plastic in your choice of Wilsonart, Pionite, Nevamar and Formica brand standard wood grains, solid colors and patterns. Bottom of table is covered with a balancing backer sheet with Greenguard certification. A wide variety of edge styles are available including self –edged, vinyl T edges, PVC edges, metal T edges, and solid oak or solid maple wood in a variety of sizes and profiles.

Specialty table tops can be manufactured with solid surface material, Marlmoleum, or sheet metal. Please contact us to discuss your specialty tops.

A Sampling Of Our Tabletop and Edge Treatments.
Many options available — contact us for full details.

Oak Edge, Beaded Detail Oak Edge, Rolled DEtail Oak Edge, Eased Detail Vinyl T Edge
FE 635 1-1/4" Oak Edge
Beaded Detail
FE 761 2" Oak Edge
Rolled Detail
FE 1851 2" Maple Edge
Eased Detail
FE 201 Vinyl T Edge
Drop  Self Edge Oak Edge Ogee Detail Oak Edge Tapered Detail Oak Edge Waterfall Detail
FE 301 2" Drop
FE 501 3/4" Oak Edge
Ogee Detail
FE 681 1-1/4" Oak Edge
Tapered Detail
FE 615 1-1/4" Oak Edge
Waterfall Detail
Mplae edged corner PVC Edge Corner Oak Edge Waterfall

Many options available — contact us for full details.


FE 411 1/4" Maple Edge
Beveled Detail
FE 1101 3mm PVC Edge FE 715 2" Oak Edge
Waterfall Detail