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Filing Laminate onCabinet






Hot Press

Our laminate and edgebanding department applies high pressured plastic laminate to our fixtures and plastic laminate, pvc and wood edges to support core panels. Our experienced craftsman glue, lay up the laminate, apply pressure to ensure a secure a solid bond, then route and file edges for a smooth finished edge.

Our Holz-Her Edgebander allows for efficient application of edgings. The machines gluing station adheres edges against the panel uniformly and precisely. Next, the pressure units apply controlled pressure for a strong bond to the panel, and lastly, the routers trim the top, bottom and ends of the panel.

Midwest Automation Glue Spreader and Hot Press – the four roller glue spreader for precise application of PVA glue. The hot press for flat panel laminating of high pressure laminates to wood core. The press has a hydraulically operated platen with 90 tons of total force.